Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day

I put out the hummingbird feeder last week and I saw a hummer at the feeder on Thursday, April 26.

We had a pair of Baltimore Orioles last Wednesday, April 25th. I've only seen Baltimore Orioles 3 or 4 times in Indiana.

Yesterday and today we've had a Rose-breasted Grosbeak around. They seem to migrate though this time of year.

We have also had some indigo buntings hanging around - they have been more shy in my experience. I was surprised to have a chance to see them so clearly.

I got a new hanging bird feeder the other day - which was needed because the Blue Jays have been esp. aggressive lately at driving off other birds from the stationary rail where I normally put out seed.

Last night, April 30th, there were quite a few lightning bugs out. It seemed early for them - but I don't know what their usual debut date is.

We have a high of 85 forecast for today. Yesterday it got up to 87 - I think that was too hot for some of the earlier Spring plants and they have started to droop. Meanwhile - some of the deciduous trees have finally fully leafed out - fairly rapidly.

The last day it was below freezing was April 13th. I have a couple tomato plants out and a few annuals and I don't expect it to get too cold for them.

We've been having fun with our new ponds - watching the tadpoles and all. I think that the toad tadpoles died and now I'm watching the frog tadpoles.

It's funny the various things that have found our pond - I don't know where they all come from. Swimming beetle types of things, etc. Maybe they fly and swim? Some of them might be an early stage of dragonfly.

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