Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav - heading for New Oleans/Gulf

Satellite photo of Gustav and Hanna on Sept. 1, 2008.

Update: The hurricane was disrupted enough from going over Cuba that it didn't gain the strength that was predicted. It turned and went west along the coast of Louisiana before going into Louisiana and losing power.
Gustav on the left, Katrina on the right - 3 years ago 8/29/08 ________________________________________________

The hurricane Gustav has hit Jamaica, hit Cuba, theCayman Islands and now it is churning through the Gulf on it's way toward New Orleans and the Gulf Coast - on schedule to hit tomorrow. People in New Orleans have been evacuating on cars, buses, trains, etc.

It's looking like it could be another Katrina type of disaster - 3 years after. Some forcasters say it could be worse.

It is expected to be a slow moving, flood-inducing storm. "Gustav is expected to affect areas up to 70 miles from the eye, spawining tornadoes in Florida, lashing many areas with rain and causing landslides."

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