Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The 11th Hour

I saw the film The 11th Hour, last night at a showing in Bloomington.

I liked that it emphasized that people (esp. "Western" cultures) need to stop being at war with nature and think of ourselves as a part of it. (I think An Inconvenient Truth is more fact based about global warming - but this movie featured a lot of people who have been involved with the issues for a long time.) The movie showed/discussed lots of horrible things and then tried to empower people to do something about it.

It was interesting though - that one point of view is that the earth will go on - people may or may not. I think that there is comfort in that. If you think that the earth was put here for people to do whatever, "Be God's Image" - to dominate, etc. (some people's "Biblical" ideas) - they probably wouldn't like it. But if you love nature - I think it's somewhat comforting to figure that people are not the be all/end all of life. The way the ecosystems fit together seems like the real thing. If more people saw it like that - then maybe we wouldn't be destroying so many of them.

The 11th Hour Action Site

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