Friday, March 06, 2009

Ticks - March 6th

I was out walking in the fields and woods for a little while today. I was thinking to myself that this was the time of year when it's starting to get warm out - but the flowers are not out yet - but neither are the ticks. That's 'supposed to be' part of the enjoyment. No worries. (At least it used to be...).

So I was sitting on a log and here is this hungry tick crawling on my hand - trying to get attached before I could get it off.

One of my dogs had a tiny tick larvae or something a couple weeks ago and I hoped it was a fluke. But apparently - ticks aren't hibernating or whatever they used to do - nearly as long.

I remember - it seems not that long ago - that we didn't have to worry about ticks until May. Those were the days.

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