Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Warmer air carries more moisture"

Right wing nuts like Drudge and Limbaugh think they have an argument against global warming because Washington, DC and much of the East Coast is being drowned in snow (2 feet followed by another 18 inches).

People who are really thinking about Global Warming and problems that can be associated with this can see that the huge snowfall is part of the scenario - "warmer air carries more moisture". Nobody said that we were going to have hot, drought conditions everywhere in the world 12 months a year.

People should expect more extreme weather. More events like this. Exactly like this.
A federal government report issued last year, intended to be the authoritative statement of known climate trends in the United States, pointed to the likelihood of more frequent snowstorms in the Northeast and less frequent snow in the South and Southeast as a result of long-term temperature and precipitation patterns. The Climate Impacts report, from the multiagency United States Global Change Research Program, also projected more intense drought in the Southwest and more powerful Gulf Coast hurricanes because of warming.

In other words, if the government scientists are correct, look for more snow.

The weather channel this morning noted that 48 states in the US had snow on the ground, today. Louisiana & Mississippi were getting it... If the above statement was wrong about anything - it was about predicting how widespread the snows may be.

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