Saturday, February 16, 2013

"How Fox Slants The Energy Debate"


I was scanning the radio on a recent commute and heard a Christian Fundamentalist 'Economist" slamming renewable energy.

I suppose conservatives have never been on board with this - but these days when Global Warming is so obvious and when these solutions seem so reasonable, it's hard for me to believe people are continuing to be so dense. 

Many conservatives seem to be getting on board as far as being anti-coal, pro-nuclear. Being afraid of emission taxes, cap & trade, or other consequences. pays James Conca to write pro-nuke pieces such as, "How Deadly Is Your Kilowatt? We Rank The Killer Energy Sources". 

The right wing doesn't want to acknowledge problems with nuclear waste or meltdowns. Fukushima either did not exist to them or there were no problems. Denial, denial, denial.

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