Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Solar Prius

Photovoltaic Prius

The solar panel on the roof of this Toyota Prius is a $4,500 aftermarket add-on produced by California-based Solar Electrical Vehicles (SEV). That makes this one of the least expensive cars in the Robb Report special issue.

The roof panel, which boosts fuel economy in the Prius by about 15 miles per gallon, also works on Toyota's popular Highlander Hybrid SUV. On the Highlander, it more than doubles fuel economy, according to SEV.

Installation takes a couple of hours for do-it-yourselfers, the company claims.


Oberon said... have a really good blog.....i think it would be great if you added pictures.

wes said...

Neat... its cool how many new designs are coming out for cars with higher fuel economy. I read the other day that within a few years a car could be produced that would get about 300 mpg. If that were to come to pass I could drive from CT to California on one tank of gas. :)