Thursday, September 21, 2006

Atheist Fundamentalists

That's how I see Sam Harris. He is anti-all-religion (or at least all Western religion) - doesn't see any good in any of it. Yet, his article, Head-in-the-Sand Liberals, could have been written by a Christian Fundamentalist with very few changes.

He spouts the "liberals are soft on terrorism" meme.

I noticed that a lot of people who like Harris, also like Daniel Pipes.I expect that they like being given more reasons to hate Muslims - that is what Harris really focuses on. Some people assume that he is some kind of liberal just because he is an atheist. I think that Harris makes the case that intolerance (esp. of other's religions) and liberalism are basically opposites (that's not the case he intended to make).

I see him as encouraging atheists to be extremists - as intolerant as the Christian Right. It's too bad that those are the people who make headlines - not the reasonable people. Harris makes it easy for people to characterize atheists as the "other" as "Atheist Fundamentalists" not as people who seek common ground. "Atheists for Peace" don't make headlines.

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