Friday, September 01, 2006

"One Thing to Do About Food"

One Thing to Do About Food: A Forum

One thing is - that I am glad that I have for pretty much forever not eaten much in the way of processed foods. I prefer to "cook from scratch". I never liked things with too many "ingredients". The idea of flavors created in a lab does not appeal to me. And I don't think much of advertising. I suggest that people mute TV commercials - at the very least. And eat real food. It's pretty simple, really.

And I prefer vegetarianism as a sustainability choice - and healthwise as well.

________________ (updated 9.1)

Some Highlights from the "forum":

Problems -

Stealth advertising directed at children ( also a problem for adults).

"The National Uniformity for Food Act of 2005, passed by the House and now before the Senate...would prevent states from having food safety or labeling requirements stricter than those of the federal government. In the name of "uniformity," it would impose rules that are uniformly bad."

The Farm bill - Farm subsidies - corn & soy (at the expense of other vegetables, etc. - making the other produce more expensive) subsidizing promoting high fructose corn syrup, etc. (high calorie / low nutrition) - the support of factory farms.

"The farm bill writes the regulatory rules governing the production of meat in this country, determining whether the meat we eat comes from sprawling, brutal, polluting factory farms and the big four meatpackers (which control 80 percent of the market) or from local farms."

"In 1998 India's indigenous edible oils made from mustard, coconut, sesame, linseed and groundnut processed in artisanal cold-press mills were banned, using "food safety" as an excuse. The restrictions on import of soya oil were simultaneously removed.

...Millions of acres of the Amazon rainforest--the lung, liver and heart of the global climate system--are being burned to grow soya for export."
(So local growers are put out of business - agri-business/Walmart wins - we lose, the planet loses).

"Like chemical agriculture, our economy is based on selling symptom treatments rather than trying to correct causes."

"They (the Powers That Be) actually torture food--applying massive doses of pesticides, sex hormones, antibiotics, genetically manipulated organisms, artificial flavorings and color, chemical preservatives, ripening gas, irradiation...and so awfully much more.

Solutions -

• Growing your own food (and/or buy local when possible).
• Celebrate community sensibilities - local food traditions - "slow food".
• Don't buy factory-farm products.
• Eat diversely (resist monoculture).

(And rally against farm subisidies - at least the way they are now. And aginst things like the "National Uniformity for Food Act" - which takes power away from citizens to work for what is in their best interests (like health). And try to limit and/or make your children aware of advertising schemes - work for controls.)

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