Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"Report: Mercury accumulating in food chain"

This doesn't really seem like news - but apparently there is a new study out. Another reason to mostly eat vegetarian - the low end of the chain.

From the article @ the Union Leader:

A national study on environmental contamination released yesterday shows that the toxic effects of mercury are more widespread than once thought, reaching beyond fish and waterfowl, with measurable accumulation in all levels of the food chain.

However, the National Wildlife Federation report, "Poisoning Wildlife: The Reality of Mercury Pollution," also supports evidence from more than 65 studies that the cumulative effects of mercury can be reversed in a matter years, not decades.

"Nature can clean itself over time," said wildlife toxicologist Dr. David Evers, of Maine's Bidoiversity Research Institute, who addressed a national conference call on the subject yesterday.

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