Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Burning Man

I've never been to a Burning Man festival - but I think they sound interesting and I like the idea of people coming together for modern rituals. This year's theme is "Hope and Fear".

The dates of the festival this year are August 28-September 4. It's at Black Rock Desert, 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada - near the towns of Empire and Gerlach. (Tickets are $280 for the week).

2006 Art Theme

Our Art Theme for Burning Man 2006 will be "Hope and Fear: The Future", wherein we explore how we create futurity, manifested as an expression of the promise of our hopes, and the contractions of our fears.

We take comfort in the notion that we have a past to guide us, but we reinterpret history every day according to what happens in the present. The future, too, is a projection of our hopes and fears in what is called the here and now. But even what we term the here and now is largely an imaginary place and time. If we say that now exists exactly now, we already speak of the past. We are caught in a temporal slipstream, a state of perpetual flux. The present really narrows down into the thinnest slice of time. It is no wider than the span of a reflexive arc, that moment when the heart says to the mind: so shall it be. This year's art theme will allow us to explore how we create futurity. Express what you most hope for in the future! Express what you most fear! The Burning Man, as heartbeat of our city, will be made to rise and fall upon this tidal flow of our emotions and imagination.

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