Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Universal Health Care

I am a big fan of personal responsibility - which is why I expect industries to pay their costs.

Corruption of science by vested interests

Chromium industry hides adverse lung cancer results
Industry coalition distorts science on bisphenol A
Industry bias in studies of bisphenol A
Flawed industry science on atrazine and frogs
Chemical industry collusion with tobacco effort to undermine use of epidemiology
Tobacco links corrupt scientific results

and things like:


Bisphenol A tied to prostate cancer in rats
Bisphenol A alters mammary gland development in mice
Genotype increases breast cancer risk associated with PCBs
Testicular cancer linked to environmental exposures early in life
Are current declines in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma rates tied to chemical bans in the '70s?
Mother's organochlorine contamination linked to son's testicular cancer
Cancer and EDCs: are we asking the wrong question in human studies?
Miscalculation revealed: we are not winning the war on cancer after all
Bisphenol A stimulates proliferation of prostate cancer cells
Seveso, Italy: breast cancer risk rises with dioxin exposure
Childhood leukemia linked to household pesticides
Soy phytoestrogen causes uterine cancer, like diethylstilbestrol (DES)
Low-level arsenic interferes with glucocorticoid's role in tumor suppression
PCBs interact synergistically with virus to elevate risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
Dieldrin linked to higher mortality rates in breast cancer victims


Here we have a situation where industry has not been required to be responsible and where many millions of Americans and other citizens of the world are getting all manner of diseases because of those industries. Where the health care costs continue to grow - to the point of bankruptcy.... Why should not the government that allowed all of these lapses of oversight provide 100% health care to every member of our society?

We are being diseased as a result of the paid off government's actions and inactions - it seems like the only logical thing to do is to have the government pay for the health care to cure the resulting illnesses. The global industries should all be taxed to pay for the illnesses and conditions that they caused, are causing now and will continue to cause.

It's a subsidize the commons and privatize the profits sort of operation - for many industries. We the citizens are bearing the costs to the environment and to our own bodies and we are paying to try to fix what others broke.

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