Monday, August 28, 2006

Living Statues/Sculptures

Apparently there was the First World Championship for Living Statues in Arnhem, the Netherlands on Sunday. Our paper says that over 200 people competed. (They had a couple photos and a caption - but no article).

On left - 'Titan's figurehead'

"'La Pieta' Sophie Malraye, of France, unfreezes after hearing she won the first prize" (from the AP photos)

I found a website on Living Statues linked at Wikipedia - but it is in Dutch (I guess). I couldn't find any news stories on it - they must all be in other languages if there are any.

I think it's an interesting art form. I've seen people doing this sort of thing in places like New Orleans (years ago) - it's fun that there is a "Championship". It looks like people in the Netherlands take this more seriously than what I have seen.

Mariken Van Nimwegen

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